Are these kits right for your needs?

We can help organizations like yours.

You want to create a safe environment.

You’re looking for ways to create peace of mind in your workers and a work environment safe from Covid-19.

You need fast results.

Our test kits can process results for nine tests in just over an hour, significantly reducing the wait time in comparison to other testing options.

You have many people to test.

You have a large number of people you want to test, they could be your employees, customers, or community members.

You need on-site testing.

On-site testing provides a less disruptive way to safely test and get results without visits to centralized testing facilities.

Positive social impact.

You’re looking for ways to provide increased testing in your community to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Healthcare Professional

You have access to healthcare professionals to collect samples, perform the tests and interpret results.


Virus-Free Zone

Creating a virus-free zone at your organization allows you and your staff to work safely and with confidence.

24 hour Support

Access to 24 hour phone and email support means we’ll answer your questions anytime, minimizing testing interruptions.

Quick Decision Making

Fast results allows you to make quick decisions implementing your organization’s response to Covid-19.

Want to know more?

Using our rapid, mobile test kits allows you to create virus-free zones, increase worker confidence and ease the process of adapting to the current situation.
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